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STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics] – Not just an acronym, but also an accurate metaphor

October 8, 2013

Here at Hypercat Advanced Catalyst Products (Hypercat ACP), we are a relative newcomer to the blogging community.  For the past 14 months, we have published blogs about the manufacturing, selection, deactivation, cleaning and recycling of catalysts used in the universe of emissions control.  We have also blogged about air emissions regulations.  We have even introduced in a blog our suggestions for procuring funding for catalyst upgrades when planning capital improvement projects.

Recently, when batting around ideas for future blog topics, it became quite clear to us that we are so much more than a for-profit business.  We are a corporate citizen providing air pollution control equipment to a network of various industry types who, not only must comply with applicable air emission regulations, but who also have their own sense of environmental stewardship.  Furthermore, we here at Hypercat ACP are an eclectic group of technical, scientific and managerial persons, and as part of our individual backgrounds we each share varying degrees of science, engineering and mathematics education and experience.  Realizing that we share our technical credentials with those persons employed in the various industries that we serve and also with those who create the regulations that guide us, we thought it a worthwhile blog topic to pause and reflect upon our math and science educational experiences which are largely responsible for our career growth…….our metaphorical ‘stems’.

Rightfully so we think, there increasingly is a push from society, the business community, educators and government officials to promote the attraction and success of our schools’ Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programs.  Virtually every business within just about every industry has benefited from advancements associated with modern applications of math and the various science disciplines.  There is no reason to not only think that this trend is going to continue, but that it will increase with intensity and speed.  Much has been publicized about businesses clamoring about the shortage of a technically advanced workforce.  Furthermore, there is a growing camp of individuals and groups who see those students who succeed in STEM studies as being the catalyst (pun intended!) to revamping local, regional and national economies, and being a part of securing prosperity for those countries whose educational systems excel with their implementation of STEM agendas.

For our part, we want to pause and appreciate STEM initiatives, and acknowledge the national attention being applied towards STEM programs.  We commit to helping our children with their STEM studies and assignments.  We thank those educators – past, present and future – who dedicate themselves to the advancement of STEM curricula.  We applaud those corporations and organizations – and there are many – who donate time, resources and funds for the support, sustainment and promotion of STEM activities.  Individually, we volunteer our time in our communities with groups and events that make STEM-related activities visible.  For multiple summers, Hypercat ACP has employed college engineering and science students as part of the Co-Op program that we participate with in association with regional Universities.  There are ample opportunities for STEM support on a corporate and personal basis.

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