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The Future of American Manufacturing

June 2, 2014

Ever since the new year turned over, and 2014 got its start. There have been a lot of hot button topics and buzzwords in the manufacturing sector, such as onshoring, reshoring, resurgence and even renaissance. American Flag

There are endless opinions and analysis regarding the topic of American manufacturing and of course, we are hopeful just like everyone else that things will continue to look up.  Here at Hypercat ACP, we have seen a small uptick in our business and since we were down a bit the end of last year, we are extremely happy to see the progress.

As is stated in this article from, there are many reasons why we are seeing more and more companies reshoring. A few principal reasons are that energy costs in America have gone down and our labor productivity has gone up. On top of that, the cost of international shipping can easily gnaw away at a budget.

With those things in mind, it would certainly make sense for companies to continue to bring their products back to the states to manufacture. While we are not comfortable saying that there will be a “renaissance” this year, we are hopeful and interested in what is yet to come.

What are your thoughts on the subject? What types of things have you been seeing in your businesses?


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